Becoming a donor to the abbey


The Birgittiness Sisters at Maria Refugie Abbey lead a purely contemplative life. We rely on Divine Providence. We depend in part on voluntary gifts for our livelihood and for the upkeep of the monastery. In this way we can continue our vocation in the abbey and the work that St. Birgitta began and pass it on to future generations.

Our abbey has an ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) This means that under certain conditions you can deduct your gift in your tax return. On the website of the Belastingdienst about ANBI you can find current information about this.

Institutions with ANBI status are listed in the register of the same name. With the Program ANBI lookup you can find our registration. Search for Institution ‘Birgittinessen’ with registered office ‘Uden’.

UDEN / RSIN: 2714309


Your financial support is most welcome and you can transfer it to our account number

IBAN: NL 15 RABO 0151945047


In the name of: Birgittinessen Sisters


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