Museum Krona



Closely associated with the abbey is Museum Krona ( The very name of the museum is derived from the crowning of our veil. Krona is Swedish for crown and refers to our foundress, Birgitta of Sweden.

The museum was founded in 1973, then under the name Museum of Religious Art. A year later, the museum moved into a vacant wing of the abbey complex. Over the past fifty years, the museum has grown to become one of the most important centers of religious-Christian and spiritual art in our country. In addition to the collection of the Diocese of Den Bosch, the museum houses important pieces from the abbey. These include a large cluster of late medieval sculptures carved by the Master of Koudewater for the old monastery in Rosmalen. Some of these were sold to the Rijksmuseum in 1875 by the nuns out of need for money. One hundred years later, the sculptures were given on long-term loan by the museum in Amsterdam to Museum Krona.

The museum hosts many special exhibitions each year and has a beautiful herb garden. The museum can be visited through a gate in the wall next to the field.