Birgittine family


From the Order of the Most Blessed Blessed that St. Birgitta founded, a true Birgittine family has emerged, inspired by Birgitta’s heritage:


  • Birgittine Sisters of the Recollection
    Marina de Escobar (1554-1633) was instrumental in bringing the Order of the Most Holy Blessed to Spain. The sisters were contemplative. The first convent was established and Valladolid and several foundations followed both in Spain and Mexico.

    More information: sisters in Valladolid: La Cumbre S.ta Brígida, Monasterio del Salvador de S.ta Brígida, Avda. de Gijón 23 duplicado, 47009 Valladolid, Spain. – Tel. (34) 983 333687

  • St. Elisabeth Hesselblad (1870-1957) founded an apostolic group within the Order. They all have a guesthouse and are also particularly focused on ecumenism. The convents are not autonomous: the Mother House is located in the house where St. Birgitta died in Rome in Piazza Farnese.

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  • The Birgittine monks
    Benedict Kirby (1929-1998) founded the friars. They are monastic friars who follow the Birgittine charism but have no priestly monks. They have a chocolate factory.

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  • The Missionaries
    Julia Pérez Balpuesta (born 1926 in Mexico). The sisters have homes in Mexico and Venezuela. Also, they have itinerant missions in several states of Mexico. The pastoral activity seeks, among other things, the catechetical formation and growth in the faith of youth, children and adults.

    More information: Misioneras del Salvador y de S.ta Brígida, Calle Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 40, Ozumba, Mexico D.F., Mexico.- Tel.(52) 5259797